About BubbleBarSoaps

BubbleBarSoaps provides a quality product that uses natural ingredients in all our soaps. Our soaps are designed to protect, nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

What We Do

Every batch of soap is handmade and is unique in color, scent and texture. Each bar of soap is hand cut, weighed, then individually wrapped with care. We take great pride never to use parabens, sulfates, phthalates and petrochemicals in any of our products.

How We Started

BubbleBarSoaps started because I was diagnosed with a severe form of eczema, dry patchy skin that breaks out in lesions. My dermatologist recommended I stop using soap because it aggravates my skin. He suggested Dove, which I later discover isn’t even soap. It’s labeled “beauty bar” for sensitive skin because it is closest to our own skin’s pH level. But, the product is synthetically made, and not a true soap.

True soap has glycerin, a humectant which helps draw moisture to the skin. However, many commercially made soaps no longer have glycerin within their products. Glycerin is a by-product formed during the soap-making process and extracted from commercial soap to be sold in more profitable products. The missing glycerin is then replaced with synthetic ingredients made from petroleum-based products. After discovering that most soaps on the market are actually detergents, I decided to make my own soap and share the benefits of handcrafted soap with others.

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