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Acwell pH Balancing Soothing Cleansing Foam

Acwell pH Balancing Soothing Cleansing Foam

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GENTLE FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER: Acwell pH Balancing Soothing Cleansing Foam is enriched with camphor leaf extracts, AHA, BHA, PHA, and Licorice Extracts. This harmonious blend is designed to calm irritated and sensitive skin while effectively purging impurities from the pores.

SEBUM-CONTROLLING FACIAL CLEANSER: Formulated with pH-balancing extracts for moisturizing effects, Acwell's exfoliating face wash generates a rich, bubbly foam to manage sebum and cleanse skin pores, leaving your skin soft, supple, and thoroughly hydrated.

MOISTURIZING AND HYDRATING FORMULA: Infused with licorice extract water, this moisturizing face cleanser efficiently clears impurities from skin pores, maintaining a purified complexion. The gentle yet effective cleanser draws out impurities, contributing to moisturization and nourishment.

ENHANCES SKIN VITALITY: This hydrating facial cleanser deeply nourishes the skin's deepest layer. The nurturing ingredients in our gel cleanser not only soothe irritated skin but also promote its resilience, providing continuous moisture to keep it dewy and vibrant.

USER-FRIENDLY FACE CLEANSING GEL: Simply take an ample amount of Acwell pH Balancing Soothing Cleansing Foam with dry hands and gently massage it over the entire face to dissolve impurities. Introduce a small amount of water to create a dense foam, then rinse off with lukewarm water for a refreshed finish.

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