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La Prairie

Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream

Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream

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La Prairie brings an enduring touch of elegance to its products with the introduction of replenishable vessels. Each of these creations features a brushed metal casing and cap, meticulously designed to be cherished indefinitely. The idea is to preserve the timeless beauty of these containers. Only the delicate glass vials that hold the precious formulas are meant to be replaced once they are empty, allowing you to continue experiencing the luxury of La Prairie.

La Prairie's commitment to timeless beauty extends to its Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream, enriched with the Pure Gold Diffusion System. This exquisite eye cream captures the essence of youthful radiance, instantly imparting luminosity and deep hydration to the delicate eye area. Over time, it works to redefine and rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes, preserving the grace of the golden hour and enhancing your natural beauty.

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