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Jo Malone London

Poppy & Barley Cologne

Poppy & Barley Cologne

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This fragrance is a light and colorful floral scent that is inspired by the sight of British poppies swaying across barley fields. The fragrance features the lively and vibrant aroma of iconic poppies, combined with the scents of rose, violet, and juicy blackcurrants. The fragrance also draws inspiration from the succulent cereal fields, where grains and flowers coexist, with the poppies cocooned by bran and cotton-soft barley.

The fragrance falls into the light floral scent family and comprises three main notes. The top note is blackcurrant, a ripe and juicy scent that adds a crisp and refreshing edge to the fragrance. The middle note is poppy, a green and floral scent that adds a fresh and crispy facet to the fragrance. The base note is barley, an airy and woody scent that adds a musky and cereal tone to the fragrance, creating a warm and inviting scent that embodies the essence of a living landscape.

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