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SKINLONGEVITY® Long Life Herb Serum

SKINLONGEVITY® Long Life Herb Serum

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Fueled by the mineral-rich Long Life Herb, this vegan niacinamide serum delivers a remarkable transformation in combating visible signs of aging. Clinically proven to fortify the skin's barrier, it becomes a powerful ally in resisting daily damage.


  • Enhances skin's barrier, fortifying it against daily damage
  • Significantly improves key visible signs of aging
  • Diminishes visible fine lines, enhances texture, and promotes radiance


  • Clinically demonstrated to strengthen the skin's barrier by 45%*
  • A clinical boost in skin texture by +75%*
  • Enhanced radiance clinically proven to increase by +22%*
  • Clinically validated reduction in fine lines by -28%*
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